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Current Positions Available:



The Rose & Hook… an interesting name for a gift boutique. The owner, Cheryl Parrish knew when she finally opened her store that she wanted it to be a reflection of her home. She wanted shoppers to feel comfortable, well taken care of, and enjoy their time their while shopping or if they were just stopping in to browse and escape their normal daily routine. Because of this, the name also had to represent “home” for Cheryl. The Rose & Hook was named in memory of her Mom & Dad (Bud- the Hook, and Aileen- The Rose).

Over the past year and a half, we have added additional gift options, expanded our personal care choices and continue to bring in unique décor items for your home or for gifting, Each day, our team strives to make each shopper’s visit one that is as easy as visiting an old friend. We love it when we can help someone find the perfect gift, a new favorite piece of jewelry or the perfect accent for their home. We find joy when we can help our customers feel great, not only about the gift they are bringing to the party, but how it is wrapped also!

As we head into Fall and the upcoming holiday season, our challenge is having enough Sales & Customer Experience team members to ensure we can continue our level of commitment to our customers. Therefore, we are looking for the Sales & Customer Experience Specialist who is excited to join our team and has the skills to help shoppers have a wonderful Fall & Holiday Season at The Rose & Hook.

As our newest Sales & Customer Experience Specialist, you will be able to use your natural abilities in hospitality to give top notch customer service while helping customers choose items for themselves or a gift for someone else and leave with it beautifully wrapped and ready for those special occasions. The reward you will get from those experiences is priceless. Experience in sales, customer service and/or hospitality as well as being confident when speaking with others is necessary to be effective in this position but we don’t expect you to be an expert at everything. We will gladly share our knowledge of each of our product lines so you will have all the tools you need to succeed in your role. Being coachable and willing to learn will be qualities that will serve you well as a team member at The Rose & Hook. You will be a part of a team with one goal in mind- to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Because our workday doesn’t begin until 10 AM, you’ll have plenty of time to get the kids off to school, have coffee with your spouse or friends or even sleep in! We make family a priority in our own lives so we know you will want to as well. While our sales team does work weekends, our Sunday hours are 1 PM – 5 PM giving you extra family time on Sunday Mornings even on the weekends you are scheduled. Having computer knowledge and being comfortable learning our POS system is needed in this position along with being able to lift up to 20-lb boxes and maneuver stair without difficulty. During your 20-30 hours per week, you will quickly learn that keeping our showroom tidy & beautiful, restocking products, or wrapping a gift means more in the end than just the task. You will learn about new products and be able to share that knowledge in a way which makes the customer experience at The Rose & Hook a unique one.

Ultimately, our team is driven to provide exemplary service and a relaxed shopping atmosphere for our customers, but it is equally important that our team members find joy beyond the employee discount – joy that comes from being a part of something much bigger than the sale of a new pair of earrings. We are dedicated to giving our team members the support they need so, every position at The Rose & Hook has the potential to grow as the person filling the role also grows. 



Other Company Positions:



We understand! You’ve got mad organizational skills and your attention to detail is impressive but no one at home appreciates your nicely arranged pantry. You want extra income but standing behind a cash register doesn’t let you stretch those administrative muscles and show off what you are really good at. Well, how about a side gig that let’s you shine doing something you love, somewhere you can flex your natural skills while learning and maintaining a system that supports the creative side of all that we do at The Rose & Hook.

Our team is driven to provide exemplary service and a relaxed shopping experience for our customers. We take pride in curating a beautiful collection of items throughout the store and enjoy creating a delightful atmosphere that reflects charm and beauty through various displays.  Therefore, we are looking for the new team member that is excited to jump in and take control of our inventory all while working behind the scenes as the Inventory Coordinator, essentially the foundation supporting our team. Obviously, having computer knowledge and being comfortable at learning new data entry software is essential along with being able to lift up to 20-lb boxes and maneuver stairs without difficulty. Even though you may not be experienced in the gift or retail industry, we are excited to hear your ideas and lean into your unique perspective to make things run effectively and efficiently. But if you happen to have some experience in the gift and/or retail industry then you will likely have an immediate understanding of the challenges we are facing and will bring insight as well as know the value of this team position.

During your 20-30 hours per week, you will feel like a kid on Christmas morning as you will be the first to open new product. And, having a sneak peek isn’t the only perk, you will also enjoy a generous employee discount and have a wonderful sense of satisfaction in knowing you are making a difference for the entire team.  Our team thrives on having good systems in place so that our customers’ experiences are exactly what we want and what they need. Therefore, you will work closely with other team members to implement these systems and adjust as needed.  A coachable new team member will become knowledgeable of various products and understand the everyday and seasonal flow of merchandise in addition to learning pricing guidelines and the importance of communication with the buyer & sales associates.

Overall, we are dedicated to servicing and helping our customers and their needs, but it is also important that our team members feel satisfaction in knowing that unpacking a box, organizing a shelf, or putting a price tag on a candle means more in the end than just the task. It brings us joy when a customer leaves with what they feel is the perfect gift, beautifully wrapped and ready to give. It is exciting when someone who has had a hard day comes in just to have a minute of peace, but then finds something they love, and it brings a light to their day. And it is equally important to us when our employees find that same joy in bringing happiness to others.